基于表面势的N沟4H-SiC MOSFET I-V特性解析模型

Translated Titles

Analytical Model for the I-V Characteristic of N-channel 4H-SiC MOSFET Based on Surface Potential


王平(Ping Wang);杨银堂(Yin-Tang Yang);杨燕(Yan Yang);柴常春(Chang-Chun Chai);李跃进(Yue-Jin Li)

Key Words

4H碳化硅 ; 金属-氧化物-半导体场效应晶体管 ; 解析模型 ; 表面势 ; 薄层电荷近似 ; H-SiC ; MOSFET ; analytical model ; surface potential ; charge-sheet approximation



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25卷1期(2005 / 02 / 25)

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42 - 46

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Chinese Abstract

报道了一种适于模拟n沟4H-SiC MOSFET直流I-V特性的整体模型。该模型充分考虑了常温下SiC中杂质不完全离化以及界面态电荷在禁带中不均匀分布的影响,通过解析求解泊松方程以及牛顿-拉夫森迭代计算表面势,得到了表面电场以及表面势的分布,并以此为基础采用薄层电荷近似,计入栅压引起的载流子迁移率退化效应,导出了可用于所有器件工作区的统一漏电流解析表达式。当漏偏压为10V,栅压为12V时,模拟得到的饱和漏电流接近40 mA。计算结果与实验值符合较好。

English Abstract

An improved physical-based analytical model which can be used in all the operation regions for the dc I-V characteristic of n-channel 4 H-SiC MOSFET is reported. The electric field at the semiconductor surface is obtained by an analytical solution of the Poisson equation and iterative calculation of the surface potential firstly, and then the analytical expression for drain current is developed based on charge-sheet simplification. The influences of incomplete dopant ionization and the non-uniform distribution of interface state charge are considered simultaneously. The saturation drain current of nearly 40 mA is obtained at a gate voltage of 12 V as drain voltage is 10 V. The comparison between simulations and physical measurements shows a good agreement.

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