一种新型的6H-SiC MOS器件栅介质制备工艺

Translated Titles

A Novel Process of Preparing 6H-SiC MOS Device Gate Dielectrics


吴海平(Hai-Ping Wu);徐静平(Jing-Ping Xu);李春霞(Chun-Xia Li)

Key Words

碳化硅 ; 一氧化氮退火 ; 金属-氧化物-半导体电容 ; 界面态密度 ; 可靠性 ; SiC ; NO anneal ; MOS capacitors ; interface-state density ; reliability



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25卷1期(2005 / 02 / 25)

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56 - 59

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Chinese Abstract

采用干O2+CHCCl3(TCE)氧化并进干/湿NO退火工艺生长6H-SiC MOS器件栅介质,研究了SiO2/SiC界面特性。结果表明,NO退火进一步降低了SiO2/SiC的界面态密度和边界陷阱密度,减小了高场应力下平带电压漂移,增强了器件可靠性,尤其是湿NO退火的效果更为明显。

English Abstract

The SiO2/SiC interface characteristics of 6H SiC MOS devices gate dielectrics grown by O2+CHCCl3(TCE) oxidation with dry/wet NO anneal process were investigated. The results indicated t hat NO anneal could decrease interface-state density and border trap density, and enhance reliabilities of SiC MOS devices. Especially, the improvements of wet NO anneal on samples interface properties were the most remarkable.

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