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Advancement of Biotherapy for Malignant Lymphoma


姜文奇(Wen-Qi Jiang)

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淋巴瘤 ; 生物療法 ; 美羅華/治療應用 ; Lymphoma ; Biotherapy ; Rituximab/therapeutic use



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24卷8期(2005 / 08 / 05)

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1027 - 1032

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In the past 30 years, the incidence of lymphoma was increasing. Although it is very sensitive to chemotherapy, and many new cytotoxic drugs and chemotherapy regimens have emerged, the 5-year survival rate of lymphome patients is only 40%-50%. With the development of immunology, the importance of biotherapy evoked more and more attention, and have became an important composition in the treatment of lymphoma. The most widely used biotherapy methods are listed as follows: monoclonal antibody, radioimmunotherapy, adoptive immunotherapy, active immunotherapy, gene therapy targeting Bcl-2, and targeted chemotherapy. Using these biotherapy methods in combination with other treatment methods reasonably will help to improve the short-term and long-term results of lymphoma.

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