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Antitumor Effect of Diallyl Disulfide on Human Gastric Cancer MGC803 Cells Xenograft in Nude Mice


向姝霖(Shu-Lin Xiang);肖曉嵐(Xiao-Lan Xiao);淩暉(Hui Ling);廖前進(Qian-Jin Liao);周秀田(Xiu-Tian Zhou);董琳(Lin Dong);蘇琦(Qi Su)

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胃癌細胞 ; 移植瘤 ; 藥理學 ; 二烯丙基二硫/拮抗劑和抑制劑 ; 小鼠 ; Gastric cancer cells ; Xenografts ; Pharmacology ; Diallyl disulfide/antagonist and inhibitor ; Mouse



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24卷8期(2005 / 08 / 05)

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940 - 944

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Chinese Abstract

背景與目的:既往研究發現二烯丙基二硫(diallyl disulfide,DADS)在體外可抑制多種腫瘤細胞生長,但在體內抗腫瘤作用的研究報道較少。本實驗旨在探討DADS對人胃癌細胞移植瘤在BALB/C裸鼠體內生長的影響。方法:未經藥物處理和經30mg/L DADS處理1天的胃癌細胞MGC803接種於裸鼠皮下;觀察體外DADS處理MGC803細胞裸鼠移植瘤的成瘤情況和未處理MGC803細胞移植瘤成瘤後腹腔注射DADS對胃癌移植瘤在BALB/c裸鼠體內生長情況的影響。Western blot檢測瘤組織中增殖細胞核抗原(proliferating cell nuclear antigen,PCNA)的表達情況。結果:30mg/L DADS處理的MGC803細胞移植裸鼠體內無一成瘤。荷瘤裸鼠腹腔注射DADS劑量為50、100和200mg/kg時的抑瘤率分別為27.8%、66.1%和73.0%,同時可抑制移植瘤癌細胞PCNA的表達。結論:DADS可明顯降低胃癌細胞裸鼠移植瘤的成瘤性,並對移植瘤生長有明顯抑制作用。

English Abstract

Background & Objective: Diallyl disulfide (DADS) can inhibit growth of various cancer cell lines in vitro, but little is known about its in vivo antitumor effect. This study was designed to investigate effect of DADS on growth of human gastric carcinoma MGC803 cells xenograft in BALB/C nude mice. Methods: MGC803 cells, with or without 1-day treatment of DADS (30mg/L), were subcutaneously transplanted into the right axial regions of nude mice. The xenograft tumor growth in mice was observed after in vitro treatment or intraperitoneal injection of DADS. Proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) expression was detected by Western blot. Results: No xenograft tumor was observed in the nude mice inoculated with DADS-treated MGC803 cells. When injected with 50, 100, and 200 mg/kg of DADS, the inhibition rate of tumor growth in the nude mice inoculated with untreated MGC803 cells were 27.8%, 66.1%, and 73.0%; the expression of PCNA was inhibited. Conclusion: DADS could suppress incidence of human gastric carcinoma xenograft in BALB/C nude mice, and inhibit growth of transplanted tumor.

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