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Biological Characters of Tetraploid Dioscorea zingiberensis


周媛(Yuan Zhou);胡春根(Chun-Gen Hu);時光(Guang Shi);姚家玲(Jia-Ling Yao)

Key Words

盾葉薯蕷 ; 四倍體 ; 生物學特性 ; 育性 ; Dioscorea zingiberensis ; Tetraploid ; Biological characters ; Fertility



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23卷4期(2005 / 08 / 01)

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358 - 362

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Chinese Abstract

以離體誘導獲得的四倍體盾葉薯蕷(Dioscorea zingiberensis C. H. Wight)為材料,對其進行生物學習性觀察、花粉育性鑒定以及人工授粉試驗。研究結果表明:四倍體植株試管苗移栽到大田後生長發育基本正常,但四倍體植株相對二倍體植株表現出各生長發育時期滯後的現象;兩年生植株分化形成了雌、雄株,花粉活力為41%,與二倍體植株互為父母本的結實率分別為8.2%和6.3%;四倍體雌株與四倍體雄株受精結實的後代經檢測為四倍體。表明離體誘導的四倍體盾葉薯蕷具有較低的育性,其多倍體倍性可穩定遺傳。

English Abstract

Artificial induced tetraploid of Dioscorea zingiberensis C. H. Wight was used as material for biological observation and cross hybridization with natural diploid. The tetroploid displayed normal morphology but their develop period was delayed as compared to natural diploid in field. Biennial tertraploid plant differentiated into male type and female type. Both sexual types possessed fertility as indicated by pollen activity (41%) and seed set ability after pollination. Reciprocal cross between the tetraploid and diploid produced 8.2% and 6.3% seed setting, respectively. Offspring of the cross pollination between male and female tetraploid was examed to be tetraploid. These results indicated the artificial induced tetraploid had stable ploidy and lower fertility.

Topic Category 生物農學 > 植物學