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Study on the Resources of Medicinal Macrofungi in the Dabie Mountain of Henan


楊相甫(Xiang-Fu Yang);李發啟(Fa-Qi Li);韓書亮(Shu-Liang Han);李景原(Jing-Yuan Li);王太霞(Tai-Xia Wang)

Key Words

河南大別山 ; 藥用大型真菌 ; 開發利用 ; Dabie Mountain of Henan ; Resources of medicinal macrofungi ; Resources exploitation



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23卷4期(2005 / 08 / 01)

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393 - 397

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Chinese Abstract


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On the basis of investigation, collection and sifting, 162 species and varieties of macro-fungi, which are traditional Chinese medicines, folk medicines and experimental anticancer, belonging to 35 families and 76 genera, are reported in the Dabie Mountain in Henan Province. They were 53 anticancer virtue and experimental anticancer macrofungi, 10 curative respiratory system macrofungi, 25 curative digestive system macrofungi, 6 curative mental macrofungi, 4 curative gynaecological macrofungi, 4 curative urological and endocrinological macrofungi, 54 curative traumatic and osteal macrofungi, 6 other virtues macrofungi. Finally, some reasonable suggestions are pointed out to the protection and exploitation resources of medicinal macrofungi in the Dabie Mountain.

Topic Category 生物農學 > 植物學