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Clutch Control for Automotive Start-up Process


黃建明(Jian-Ming Huang);曹長修(Chang-Xiu Cao);蘇玉剛(Yu-Gang Su)

Key Words

自動變速器 ; 離合器控制 ; 控制策略 ; automatic transmission ; clutch control ; control strategy



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28卷3期(2005 / 03 / 01)

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91 - 94

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The conventional driveline with manual gearbox and dry clutch can be retro-fitted to manipulate automatically, so that the electo-mechanical components or the Automated Mechanical Transmission has been obtained. The clutch engagement position for automotive start-up process can be controlled by the fast-low-fast speed. How to control the clutch engagement during the slipping stage is the key to clutch control. The mostly influent factors of the clutch engagement during start-up process have been analysed thoroughly from the practical point of view. The strategy of clutch control has been proposed on the principle of lessening the start-up jerk and the friction work. It is successfully applied to Santana model, which can be proved by the road test of the vehicle on the slope.

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