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Chemical Product Engineering Theories and Technologies


錢宇(Yu Qian);潘吉錚(Ji-Zheng Pan);江燕斌(Yan-Bin Jiang);章莉娟(Li-Juan Zhang);紀紅兵(Hong-Bing Ji)

Key Words

化學產品工程 ; 產品導向 ; 結構性能關係 ; 分子產品工程 ; 配方產品工程 ; 柔性製造過程 ; 化學供應鏈 ; chemical product engineering ; product-oriented ; structure-property relationships ; molecular product engineering ; formulation engineering ; flexible manufacture process ; chemical supply chain



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22卷3期(2003 / 03 / 25)

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217 - 223

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Chemical process industries are increasingly involved in the production of specialty chemicals nowadays. Chemical engineering calls for new methodologies within a product-oriented framework. In this paper, an overview of the development of chemical product engineering conception is presented first. Then, Methodology, technology and application in some sub areas of chemical product engineering are discussed in detail, including main research advances in molecular product engineering, formulation engineering and flexible manufacture process. Future challenges on chemical product engineering are presented at the end of this article.

Topic Category 工程學 > 化學工業