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Energy Structural Model of Process Systems and Its Application


陳清林(Qing-Lin Chen);尹清華(Qing-Hua Yin);王松平(Song-Ping Wang);華賁(Ben Hua)

Key Words

過程系統 ; 能量 ; 能量結構 ; 綜合優化 ; process systems ; energy ; energy structure ; process integration



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22卷3期(2003 / 03 / 25)

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239 - 243

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English Abstract

This paper presents the research progress of energy structural model for process integration, especially introduces the three-link energy structural model of process systems. Based on the realization for common rules of energy evolution in process systems, this model describes quantitatively the balance relations in the process of energy conversion, utilization and recovery. The strategies and methods for process integration and optimization in accordance with the energy structure are outlined. It points out that the further development of energy structure may involve other relevant factors, such as environmental impacts, safety, etc.

Topic Category 工程學 > 化學工業