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Parallel Strategy in Process Design of Expanded Bed Adsorption


林東強(Dong-Qiang Lin);姚善涇(Shan-Jing Yao);梅樂和(Le-He Mei);朱自強(Zi-Qiang Zhu)

Key Words

擴張床吸附 ; 過程設計 ; 生物質顆粒 ; expanded bed adsorption ; process design ; bio-particles in feedstock



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23卷1期(2004 / 01 / 25)

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33 - 37

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Chinese Abstract


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Aiming at the weaknesses in the conventional process development of expanded bed adsorption (EBA), methods evaluating the influences of bio-particles (cells or cell debris) are introduced. A parallel EBA process design strategy considering the influences of bio-particles in feedstock was obtained, which optimizes the target protein capacity and restrain the bio-particles adsorption on the adsorbent together in order to ensure the stable and efficient EBA processes. The new strategy could certainly reduce the time need for process development, enhance the reliability of process design, and speed up the applications of EBA process in biotechnology industry.

Topic Category 工程學 > 化學工業