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Preparation of Porous Silica Microspheres with High Porosity Using Base-Dissolving Method


趙睿(Rui Zhao);李新會(Xin-Hui Li);劉國詮(Guo-Quan Liu)

Key Words

鹼溶法 ; 多孔矽膠 ; 高孔隙度 ; base-dissolving method ; porous silica ; high porosity



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23卷6期(2005 / 11 / 01)

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616 - 618

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Chinese Abstract

提出並研究了以鹼溶侵蝕提高多孔矽球孔隙度的新方法,研究了鹸液濃度、處理溫度、反應時間與洗除量的關係。結果表明,隨著NaOH濃度的提高,不僅洗除量加大,而且矽膠的溶解速度亦少許增大,其主要原因是由於某些孔結構的塌陷導致了細屑的脫除。溫度升高和處理時間延長會導致洗除量增大。隨著洗除量的增加,矽膠的比孔容呈線性增大,但其外觀仍為均勻的球形,且直徑亦未見明顯變化。選用粒徑4~5μm、孔徑8nm、比孔容1.4立方公分/g的多孔矽膠,採用1.25mol/L NaOH水溶液、室溫(25℃)處理3.0h,製備了粒徑4~5μm、孔徑14nm、比孔容3.2立方公分/g的高孔隙度多孔矽膠,其孔隙度從75%增加到88%。

English Abstract

A novel method was proposed and studied for the preparation of porous silica with high porosity using base-dissolving technology. The relationships between the removal of silica and the base concentration, the reaction temperature as well as the reaction time were evaluated. The amount of silica removed from silica spheres was increased and silica-dissolving rate was also accelerated along with the increase of NaOH concentration. This was due to the damage of some inner walls of the porous silica and the dissolution of small fragments into the base solution. The amount of silica removed was in direct proportion to the reaction temperature and reaction time. Moreover, the specific pore volumes were linearly increased along with the increase of the amount of silica removed. The treated silica particles remained as homogeneous spheres and the changes of the particle diameter were not observed. Under the optimized conditions with the NaOH solution of 1.25mol/L, the reaction temperature of 25℃ and the reaction time of 3.0h, the original silica spheres with the diameter of 4~5μm, the pore size of 8nm and the specific pore volume (V(superscript p)) of 1.4cm^3/g were modified to the high-porosity silica with the diameter of 4~5 pm, the pore size of 14 nm and the V(superscript p), of 3.2cm^3/g. The porosity of the silica microspheres was changed from 75% to 88%. This high-porosity silica was suitable for the preparation of high performance gel filtration packings.

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