Influence of Microstructure Change of Seafloor Sediments on the Sound Velocity in them in the Course of Stress-strain

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李赶先(Gan-Xian Li);卢博(Bo Lu);黄韶健(Shao-Jian Huang)

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海底沉积物 ; 应力-应变 ; 微结构特征 ; 声速 ; 抗压强度 ; seafloor sediment ; stress-strain ; microstructure features ; sound velocity ; compression strength


Marine Science Bulletin

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11卷1期(2009 / 05 / 31)

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62 - 69

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Test tools and methods for synchronizing acoustic measurements in the course of stress-strain for seafloor sediment are elaborated and the test data of 45 sediment samples from the seafloor in the South China Sea are analysed. The result shows that the coarser the sediment grains are, the smaller the porosity is and the larger the unconfined compression strength is, the higher the sound velocity is. In the course of stress-strain, the sediment sound velocity varies obviously with the stress. Acoustic characteristics of sediment in different strain phases and the influence of sediment microstructure change on its sound velocity are discussed. This study will be of important significance for surveying wells of petroleum geology and evaluating the base stabilization of seafloor engineering.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 海洋科學