Development and Management Status of Voluntary Observing Ships in China

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刘家沂(Jia-Yi Liu)

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志愿船 ; 海洋观测 ; 船舶监测 ; voluntary observing ship VOS ; marine observations ; ship monitoring


Marine Science Bulletin

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11卷1期(2009 / 05 / 31)

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90 - 96

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Voluntary observing ship (VOS) observations are international obligations that must be fulfilled by China. Currently, the number of Chinese VOSs is showing a decreasing trend, which has decreased from more than one hundred ships in the past to the current number of thirty something ships. Moreover, the observation capabilities have many existing problems, such as relatively outdated observation measures, simple observation parameters, and lack of observation data. Fundamentally speaking, the operation mechanism of VOSs lacks effective systematic assurance and protection. Consequently, these VOSs are unable to have sufficient operational capabilities and cannot effectively fulfill their international obligations.

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