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Novel Algorithm of Matched Filter Beamformer in CDMA


傅永生(Yong-Sheng Fu);沈连丰(Lian-Feng Shen)

Key Words

波束形成 ; 共轭梯度法 ; 幂法 ; beamform ; conjugate gradient method ; power method



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34卷2期(2004 / 03 / 20)

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148 - 151

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Based on the matched filter beamforming criterion in CDMA, a novel method called power method is proposed to compute the weight vector to beamform. For the correlation of matrix is symmetric positive, all eigenvalue positive valued, and the largest eigenvalue being much larger than the second largest eigenvalue, the largest eigenvalue and the largest eigenvector can be obtained by power method, and beamforming can be done. This method has the advantage of faster convergence than the conjugate gradient method and the computation load of multiplication for each iteration of power reduce from O (5N^2+5N) to O (N^2+N). The relation of the convergence of this algorithm with the spreading rate, interferential power, and the SNR (signal noise rate) is analyzed theoretically and examined through simulation.

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