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Experimental Research on Strain Measurement in Concrete Specimens by Fiber Optical Sensors


李志刚(Zhi-Gang Li);赵启林(Qi-Lin Zhao);王景全(Jing-Quan Wang)

Key Words

光纤 ; 应变传感器 ; 混凝土 ; optical fiber ; strain sensor ; concrete



Volume or Term/Year and Month of Publication

34卷2期(2004 / 03 / 20)

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257 - 259

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Chinese Abstract


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A fiber-optic sensor based on white light Michelson interferometer and the principle of detecting strain in concrete are introduced. One dimensional internal strains in concrete specimens were measured based on embedded novel optical fiber sensors with a white light interferometric Michelson system. The results obtained are analyzed and compared with the experimental data given by Instron8506 material testing machine. The experiment shows that when load is less than 80 percent of utmost load the relation between stress and strain keeps linear, and the results obtained through optical fiber sensor and Instron8506 are generally accordant. It indicates that the interior status of stress and strain is coherent with exterior in linear area. Experiment results show that the novel sensor has advantages in surviving capability, absolute value measurement and service life.

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