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Comparison and Study of Image Deconvolution Algorithms


刘扬阳(Yang-Yang Liu);金伟其(Wei-Qi Jin);苏秉华(Bing-Hua Su)

Key Words

去模糊 ; 图像复原 ; MPML算法 ; deconvolution ; image reconstruction ; MPML algorithm



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24卷10期(2004 / 10 / 01)

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905 - 909

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Chinese Abstract


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Deconvolution results may deviate true answers because of noise and low pass filtering. The effects of noise and blurred function to image data are compared and studied for several common deconvolution algorithms, and the maximum likelihood algorithm based on the PoissonMarkov model of super-resolution image restoration algorithms is proposed. Experiments showed that, based on the MPML algorithm proposed, it has the advantages of diminishing losses of original data in contrast to other algorithms, especially in cases involving lower noise. The recovery images display very small concussive lines and have better super-resolution recovery ability for deconvolution applications.

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