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Gabor Wavelet Neural Network Image Target Recognition Base on Multi-DSP Combined Structures


许廷发(Ting-Fa Xu);张彬(Bin Zhang);倪国强(Guo-Qiang Ni)

Key Words

目标识别 ; Gabor小波神经网络 ; 多DSP ; 混合结构 ; target recognition ; Gabor wavelet neural network ; multi-DSP ; combined structure



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25卷11期(2005 / 11 / 01)

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989 - 992

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A novel method of Gabor wavelet neural network image target recognition is presented based on multi-DSP combined structures. Multi-DSP combined structure systems have been designed by TMS320C5409 according to the character of parallel-series system, and the algorithm of Gabor wavelet neural network is presented. The algorithms are divided into different parallel-series structures in operation, the feature vectors of the image target are extracted by series DSP1, and input in parallel many DSP using different net structures to operate the BP algorithms, the classified result was given, and adding averaged to BP net post-probability by series DSP6. the characteristic of the neural networks parallel algorithms was exerted. The simulink experiment was done by the method applied on nine types of plane target recognition, the results indicated that the recognition time was 2.8 ms, and the recognition rate 98%.

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