48 V/500 A全数字交流调速控制器主电路及保护电路的设计

Translated Titles

Design of Main Circuit and Protection Circuits of 48 V/500 A all-digital AC Speed Regulation Controller


杨成禹(Cheng-Yu Yang);吴学深(Xue-Shen Wu);赵磊(Lei Zhao);康少华(Shao-Hua Kang)

Key Words

变频调速 ; 正弦脉宽调制 ; 主电路 ; 保护电路 ; 设计 ; frequency control ; sinusoidal pulse width modulation ; main circuit ; protection circuit ; design



Volume or Term/Year and Month of Publication

2011卷9期(2011 / 09 / 20)

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17 - 20

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Chinese Abstract

随着电力电子技术及大规模集成电路的发展,基于集成SPWM电路构成的变频调速系统以其结构简单、运行可靠、节能效果显著等突出优点以及先进的IGBT技术得到广泛应用。本文介绍48 V/500 A全数字交流调速控制器主电路及其保护电路的设计。

English Abstract

With the development of power and electronics technologies and the development of large scale integrated circuit, the variable frequency speed regulation system based on integrated SPWM circuits is widely used due to its simple structure, reliable operation, remarkable energy savings and advanced IGBT technology. The paper introduces the design of the main circuit and protection circuits of 48V/500A all-digital AC speed regulation controller.

Topic Category 工程學 > 機械工程