10 000 t/h臂式斗轮取料机

Translated Titles

10 000 t/h boom-type Bucket Wheel Reclaimer


潘敏献(Min-Xian Pan);夏少建(Shao-Jian Xia)

Key Words

斗轮取料机 ; 回转台车 ; Ansys模型 ; bucket wheel reclaimer ; slewing bogie ; Ansys model



Volume or Term/Year and Month of Publication

2011卷9期(2011 / 09 / 20)

Page #

26 - 30

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Chinese Abstract

简要介绍了10 000 t/h臂式斗轮取料机技术参数、设计标准、总体布置。应用Ansys有限元软件通过多种单元混合建模进行结构计算,较适合复杂的结构连接。斗轮体、回转台车、回转轨道采用了新型设计。

English Abstract

This paper describes the technical parameters, design standards and overall layout of the 10 000 t/h boom-type bucket wheel reclaimer. The structure calculation is conducted via the multiple element modeling with the Ansys finite element software, which is more suitable for complex structural connections. The bucket wheel body, slewing bogie and turning track adopt new designs.

Topic Category 工程學 > 機械工程