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Stability of Networked Control Systems with Data Packet Dropout and multiple-packet Transmission


孙海燕(Hai-Yan Sun);侯朝桢(Chao-Zhen Hou)

Key Words

网络控制系统 ; 异步动态系统 ; 数据包丢失 ; 多包传输 ; 指数稳定 ; networked control systems NCS ; asynchronous dynamical systems ADS ; data packet dropout ; multiple-packet transmission ; exponentially stable



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20卷5期(2005 / 05 / 01)

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511 - 515

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Chinese Abstract


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The stability problems of networked control systems (NCS) with data packet dropout and with multiple- packet transmission are discussed based on analyzing the reasons for data packet dropout and multiple-packet transmission in network. The system exponentially stable condition that must be satisfied by the signal transmission rate is proposed depending on the data packet dropout model. An NCS with multiple-packet transmission is modeled according to the theory of an asynchronous dynamical system with rate constraints on events, and the sufficient condition for judging system exponential stability is obtained. The simulation example shows the effectiveness of the system stability conditions.

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