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Application of Improved PCA to Fermentation Process Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis


肖应旺(Ying-Wang Xiao);徐保国(Bao-Guo Xu)

Key Words

主元分析 ; 统计过程监测 ; 发酵 ; 故障诊断 ; PCA ; statistical process monitoring ; fermentation ; fault diagnosis



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20卷5期(2005 / 05 / 01)

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571 - 574

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An improved principal component analysis (PCA) is presented which uses principal-component-related variable residual (PVR) statistic to replace Q-statistic. The principal components in PCA is decided by virtue of cumulative percent variance and multi-correlation coefficients. The improved PCA is applied to mycetozoan fermentation process monitoring and fault diagnosis. The simulation result shows that the improved PCA can avoid the conservation of Q-statistical test and ensure enough information in principal component subspace. Compared with a system performance monitoring based on characteristic subspace, the improved PCA is more effective.

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