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Effects of (B,Si) Doping on Structure and Properties of BST Thin Films


丁士華(Shi-Hua Ding);楊曉靜(Xiao-Jing Yang);姚熹(Xi Yao);張良瑩(Liang-Ying Zhang)

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無機非金屬材料 ; BSTS薄膜 ; sol-gel法 ; 硼矽摻雜 ; 介電常數 ; 介質損耗 ; inorganic non-metallic materials ; BSTS thin films ; sol-gel ; B, Si dopant ; dielectric constant ; dielectric loss



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24卷12期(2005 / 12 / 05)

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32 - 34

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Chinese Abstract

用sol-gel法製備0.5 mol/L鈦酸鍶鋇(Ba0.7Sr0.3TiO3)前驅溶液,並在其中加入硼、矽成功地製備了室溫下具有優良鐵電性質的BSTS薄膜。XRD及DSC分析顯示,BSTS薄膜呈現鈣鈦礦結構。測試結果表明,隨著硼、矽的加入量增加,其ε(下標 r)和tgδ明顯降低。當硼、矽的加入量小於10mol/L時,薄膜的漏電流比沒有加入硼、矽的BST薄膜的低,當硼、矽的加入量大於15mol/L時,薄膜的漏電流比沒有加入硼、矽的BST薄膜的高。

English Abstract

The dielectrical properties (B, Si) doped barium strontium titanate (BSTS) thin films were investigated. Thin films of BSTS were fabricated on Pt/Ti/SiO2/Si substrate by spin coating. The multicomponent precursor solutions were prepared using sol-gel method. The ε(subscript r)、tgδ of a 400 nm BSTS thin film fired at 700℃ decreased with the increasing content of tributyl borate (B) and TEOS (Si). The leakage current of the BST films decreased as the content of (B, Si) dopant was low (≤10 mol/L), while it increased as the content of (B, Si) dopant was high (≥15 mol/L).

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