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Studies on Supercapacitor Based on Nanometer NiO Prepared by Precipitation Transformation Method


方勤(Qin Fang)

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電子技術 ; 沉澱轉化法 ; 納米NiO ; 超級電容器 ; electronic technology ; precipitation transformation method ; nanometer NiO ; super-capacitors



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24卷12期(2005 / 12 / 05)

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8 - 10

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Chinese Abstract

運用沉澱轉化法製備Ni(OH)2超微粉末,並通過熱處理得到納米NiO。利用TGA、XRD、TEM、BET法、循環伏安和恆流充放電測試對樣品進行了分析和表徵。結果表明,實驗製備的NiO粒徑為10 nm左右,比表面積達到186.3m平方公尺/g,並具有合適的孔徑分佈,NiO贋電容器的工作電壓為0.35V,在電流密度為60mA/g時,其比容達到243 F/g。

English Abstract

Ni(OH)2 ultrafine powders were synthesized by precipitation transformation method, and nanometer NiO was fabricated by calcining the prepared Ni(OH)2. The samples were characterized by TGA, XRD, TEM, BET method, cyclic voltammetry and constant-current charge/discharge. The results show that particle size of the NiO is about 10 nm, the specific surface area is 186.3 m^2/g, with an appropriate pore size distribution. The working voltage of the NiO pseudo-capacitor is 0.35 V. The NiO has a specific capacitance of 243 F/g, when current density is 60 mA/g.

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