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The FEA about the Coupling Cavity of 4W2 In-vacuum Wiggler


郑向华(Xiang-Hua Zheng);屈化民(Hua-Min Qu)

Key Words

温度场 ; 耦合腔 ; 4W2真空内扭摆磁铁 ; temperature-field ; coupling cavity ; 4W2 in-vacuum wiggler



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2005卷2期(2005 / 02 / 01)

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12 - 15

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The heat-stress coupling analysis of the coupling cavity is studied using the ANSYS software. A method is proposed to joint the solid70 elements and surface effect elements-surf22 and this result is used for the load of the stress analysis to achieve coupling of two fields. The FEA model of the coupling cavity is established by applying the method. The heat radiancy relationship is set up by the FEA model of the coupling cavity to obtain the better accurate analyzed and calculated results.

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