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Design of Mold Level Control System in a Continuous Steel Caster


陳志淩(Zhi-Ling Chen);張國賢(Guo-Xian Zhang)

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結晶器 ; 結晶器液位控制 ; 連鑄機 ; 智能控制 ; mould ; mould level control ; continuous caster ; intelligent control



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2005卷4期(2005 / 04 / 24)

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20 - 22

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A controller of fuzzy PID is also designed to increase the ability of anti interfere. The mould level control system with intelligent control programs is composed of a set of eddy current level meter, a set of PLC, an industrial computer and a digital actuator. Field test has been achieved in the medium slab caster with slab thickness of 135 mm and the control accuracy is less than 3 mm. The test result has reached the target of design.

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