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Study on the CAM Software of Plasma Deposition Directly Manufacturing Combined with Laser Cutting


涂才勇(Cai-Yong Tu);张海鸥(Hai-Ou Zhang);王桂兰(Gui-Lan Wang)

Key Words

等离子熔积 ; 激光轮廓切割 ; 分层切片 ; 轨迹规划 ; 工艺复合 ; plasma deposition ; laser contour cutting ; slicing ; path planning ; process combining



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2005卷6期(2005 / 06 / 01)

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6 - 8

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To solve the problem of low accuracy and surface quality caused by the side surface stair case effect during the course of plasma deposition manufacturing, the paper brings forth a new method combining plasma deposition manufacturing with laser contour cutting so as to improve surface quality of the parts. The CAM software of plasma deposition directly manufacturing combined with laser cutting is developed. In the software, a new model slicing method with normal is presented, machining path of plasma deposition and laser contour cutting are planned and relevant NC codes are automatically generated or recombined so as to combine two processes.

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