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Computer Aided Testing for Profile and Symmetry of a Cam


王正钢(Zheng-Gang Wang);宾鸿赞(Hong-Zan Bin)

Key Words

对称凸轮 ; 轮廓度 ; 对称度 ; 三次B样条曲线 ; 曲线拟合 ; symmetry cam ; profile tolerance ; symmetry ; cubic B-spline curve ; curve fitting



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2005卷7期(2005 / 07 / 01)

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13 - 15

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English Abstract

Through comparing and analyzing the theory of single and double gauge heads, a measuring method with single gauge head in engineering practice is determined. A Computer Aided Testing instrument for profile and symmetry of a cam together with corresponding control software are developed. It can process the measurement data, and can obtain the profile curve, the starting angle, the profile tolerance and symmetry of a cam, and then corresponding assessment can also be complete.

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