基于Visual C++的数控钻床仿真程序开发

Translated Titles

Development of the Simulation Program of NC Driller Based on Visual C++


沈精虎(Jing-Hu Shen)

Key Words

数控 ; 钻床 ; 仿真程序 ; Visual C++ ; NC ; driller ; simulation program ; Visual C++



Volume or Term/Year and Month of Publication

2005卷7期(2005 / 07 / 01)

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55 - 57

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Chinese Abstract

分析了基于Visual C++的数控钻床仿真程序的主要功能,给出了作为其关键技术的编辑器及绘图器的实现,完成了整个仿真程序的开发,并投入了实际使用,提高了生产效率。

English Abstract

The main functions of Visual C++ simulation program of NC driller is discussed in this paper. The detailed presentation of key technique is made, such as the editer and drawer. The system has been developed and put into practice and enhanced the production rate greatly.

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