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Research on Vertical Iso-vision with Two CCD Cameras of Autonomous Mobile Soccer Robot


沈志华(Zhi-Hua Shen);赵英凯(Ying-Kai Zhao);王晓荣(Xiao-Rong Wang);严卉(Hui Yan)

Key Words

全自主机器人 ; 机器人足球 ; 异构双目视觉 ; 小波变换 ; 边缘检测 ; autonomous mobile robot ; robot soccer ; iso-vision with two CCD ; wavelet transform ; edge detection



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2005卷8期(2005 / 08 / 01)

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46 - 48

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Chinese Abstract


English Abstract

Vertical iso-vision system with two CCD cameras, based on the research on AS-R robot vision system with one movable camera, is presented aiming at disadvantages of the symmetrical vision in RoboCup competition. Experiments and results of AS-R autonomous soccer robot show that vertical iso-vision system is feasible and effective in RoboCup competition. The robot has a better performance in sophisticate environment when wavelet transforms and edge detection are taken into iso-vision system.

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