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Development for NURBS Surfaces of Continuous Extension and Bridge


兰凤崇(Feng-Chong Lan);陈吉清(Ji-Qing Chen);魏文(Wen Wei);J. Lin

Key Words

NURBS曲面 ; 曲面延伸 ; 曲面过渡 ; 算法 ; NURBS surface ; continuous extension ; bridge ; algorithm



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2005卷8期(2005 / 08 / 01)

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6 - 9

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The paper presents the algorithms for NURBS surfaces of the continuous extension and bridge. The extension surface, which satisfies G^2 in continuity with the original surface, can be achieved by segmenting the original surfaces and then getting the mapping symmetric control points for each of the segmented surfaces. The method for regularly ordering the random control points effectively avoid folding and crinkling in the surfaces of extension and bridge. Programs have been developed using VC++ and OPENGL and the successful practical applications have also proved the implementation of the algorithms.

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