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Improvements of ART2 Neural Network Adaptation System Patterns


呂秀江(Xiu-Jiang Lv);趙研(Yan Zhao);姚光順(Guang-Shun Yao);鄧豔明(Yan-Ming Deng)

Key Words

ART2 ; 神經網絡 ; 調整子系統 ; ART2 ; neural network ; adaptation system



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2005卷11期(2005 / 11 / 24)

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62 - 64

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ART2 is a self-organized and unsupervised artificial neural network constructed from adaptive resonance theory which can be used to classify continuous active data. We have found that the theory is limited of the same phase data with different amplitudes and insensitivity to gradual change data during the simulation of data classified with ART2 neural network. Therefore, we propose a new neural network model based on adaptive resonance theory. We provide the model construction and relevant algorithm as well as the comparison with ART2.

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工程學 > 機械工程
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