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Dimension Calculation Method of Model in Reverse Seeking Modeling


田懷文(Huai-Wen Tian);張愛軍(Ai-Jun Zhang);李濤(Tao Li)

Key Words

反求工程 ; 模型評價 ; 尺度計算 ; 計算機輔助設計 ; reverse seeking engineering ; model evaluation ; dimension calculation ; CAD



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22卷4期(2005 / 04 / 20)

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49 - 51

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On the basis of the obtained model information of components based on reverse seeking engineering, a rapid calculation method for geometric dimensions of product was studied. The essence of dimension calculation of 3D objects is the issue of seeking and fetching the smallest circumscribed cuboid in space. Strategies of cubic projection and rotation trans formation were put forward in this paper in order to transform the complicated 3D issues into 2D planar issues. By the use of optimal matching straight-line method to calculate the major axis orientation of projective contour polygon of product model, and in view of the above the turning angle needed for rotation transformation was calculated. Finally, aimed at the trans formed component model, seek and fetch the circumscribed Cuboid that is orthogonal with coordinate plane in order to obtain the three directional dimensions of the model.

Topic Category 工程學 > 工程學綜合
工程學 > 機械工程