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Application of Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method in the Selection of Technological Reverse Seeking Scheme


王義(Yi Wang);杜玉明(Yu-Ming Du),崔向群(Xiang-Qun Cui)

Key Words

反求工程 ; 模糊綜合評價法 ; 方案選擇 ; reverse seeking engineering ; method of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation ; scheme selection



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22卷4期(2005 / 04 / 20)

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54 - 56

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The selection of improved scheme is the crucial step in the reverse seeking course of mechanic technology, how to evaluate and select scientifically the designing scheme played an impotent role on the result of reverse seeking of mechanic technology. The reverse seeking engineering and connotation of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method and the steps of selecting the improved scheme by applying method of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation were introduced. And by means of carrying out analysis on many factors that affect the property of spraying robot, the evaluation target system was established, the evaluation value was obtained, thus decided the optimal designing scheme.

Topic Category 工程學 > 工程學綜合
工程學 > 機械工程