基於SOLID EDGE數據庫開發技術的鋼圈產品參數化設計

Translated Titles

Parameterized Design for Steel Ring Products Based on the Development Technology of SOLID EDGE Database


李健(Jian Li);徐立平(Li-Ping Xu);韋愛月(Ai-Yue Wei);張世輝(Shi-Hui Zhang)

Key Words

鋼圈 ; 參數化 ; 設計 ; 功能 ; steel ring ; parameterization ; design ; function



Volume or Term/Year and Month of Publication

22卷4期(2005 / 04 / 20)

Page #

60 - 62

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Chinese Abstract

針對鋼圈產品的結構特點,利用Solid Edge數據庫開發技術,開發出一套實用的三維、二維參數化設計系統,重點介紹了鋼圈產品參數化設計過程、系統功能及其實現。應用此系統可以大大減輕設計人員的負擔,縮短新產品開發時間,提高經濟效益。

English Abstract

Directed against the structural characteristics of steel ring products and using the development technology of SOLID EDGE database, a set of applicable 3D and 2D parameterized designing system was developed. The course of parameterized design of steel ring products; function of system and its realization were emphatically introduced. With the application of this system may greatly lighten the burden of designers, shorten the developing period of new products and increase the economic benefit.

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