二极管激光侧面泵浦的全固态主动锁模Nd : YAG激光器

Translated Titles

All-solid-state Actively mode-locked diode-radial-pumped Nd : YAG Laser


令维军(Wei-Jun Ling);贾玉磊(Yu-Lei Jia);王鹏(Peng Wang);王兆华(Zhao-Hua Wang);魏志义(Zhi-Yi Wei)

Key Words

二极管侧面泵浦 ; 主动声光锁模 ; ps激光器 ; Diode-side-pumped ; Actively mode-locked ; Picosecond laser



Volume or Term/Year and Month of Publication

17卷s期(2005 / 04 / 01)

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111 - 113

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Chinese Abstract

利用优化的腔设计,使谐振腔中增益介质中有大的模体积,并在高功率泵浦下具有高的热稳定性;采用热补偿环形径向侧面泵浦模块技术进行了连续Nd : YAG主动声光锁模的实验研究,利用自行设计的锁相环反馈电路,获得输出功率10W的稳定的锁模脉冲输出。

English Abstract

An actively mode-locked Nd: YAG laser with an optimized resonator was demonstrated which can provide with large mode volume in the active material and high stability against thermal lensing fluctuations. By using a compact pump module which utilizes a radial array of close-coupled diode laser arrays for efficient direct side pumping of the Nd: YAG rod, as well as, a phase-lock loop circuit, 10 W continuous-wave mode-locked stable pulses were obtained.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 物理