Nd : YAG 1319 nm三纵模脉冲激光器设计分析

Translated Titles

Design Analysis on 1 319 nm Nd: YAG three-longitudinal-mode Pulse Laser


马毅(Yi Ma);王卫民(Wei-Min Wang);庞毓(Yu Pang);张雷(Lei Zhang)

Key Words

膜系设计 ; 波长调谐 ; 纵模选择 ; Coating design ; Wavelength tuning ; Longitudinal mode selecting



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17卷s期(2005 / 04 / 01)

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151 - 154

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Chinese Abstract

Nd : YAG最强的跃迁发生在1064 nm,其荧光线宽大多为4~6 cm^(-1),故Nd : YAG激光器通常将产生1 064 nm多纵模输出。为获得1 319 nm输出,对主要元件的特殊膜层进行了设计,从而抑制了其他波长在腔内的振荡。讨论了标准具的波长调谐和纵模选择特性,通过调整标准具的倾角实现了对波长的调谐,通过两块厚度不同的标准具组合实现了3个连续纵模的选择,这样使得1 319 nm激光器能获得3个连续纵模的输出。

English Abstract

The strongest transition of the Nd: YAG occurs at 1064 nm, which exhibits a fluorescence linewidth of 4~6 cm^(-1), the Nd: YAG laser shows multiple longitudinal-mode operation at 1 064 nm usually. In order to obtain the laser emission at 1 319 nm, key mirror coatings are designed, which suppress the unwanted oscillations in the cavity. The properties of wavelength tuning and longitudinal-mode-selecting of Fabry-Perot etalon are discussed. The output wavelength is tuned by adjusting the tilt angle of etalon and three adjacent longitudinal modes are obtained with two etalons. The 1 319 nm laser's requirements could be satisfied.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 物理