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Elimination of the half-wave Hole for Harmonic Beam Splitter


马小凤(Xiao-Feng Ma);余祥(Xiang Yu);王英剑(Ying-Jian Wang);邵建达(Jian-Da Shao);范正修(Zheng-Xiu Fan)

Key Words

倍频波长分离膜 ; 半波孔 ; 色散 ; 折射率非均匀性 ; Harmonic beam splitte ; Half-wave hole Dispersion ; Refractive index inhomogeneity



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17卷s期(2005 / 04 / 01)

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155 - 158

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The dispersion and refractive index inhomogeneity of film materials and error accumulation of layers thickness are all the factors that cause the half-wave hole for a harmonic beam splitter, among them the periodic error accumulation of layer thickness and sensitive layer error is the primary one. Furthermore, the stack structure is also related to the half-wave hole. With the aid of TFCALC the numerical calculations and theoretical analysis were performed. Measures are taken and a harmonic beam splitter was designed and fabricated. The half-wave hole was eliminated fundamentally. Both theoretical and experimental curves are given in this paper, which agree well with each other.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 物理