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Output Characteristic of diode-side-pumped High Power YAG Laser


王海林(Hai-Lin Wang);朱晓(Xiao Zhu);袁孝(Xiao Yuan);周卓尤(Zhuo-You Zhou);曹红兵(Hong-Bing Cao)

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二极管泵浦固体激光器 ; 高功率 ; 谱线特性 ; Diode-pumped solid state laser ; High power ; Spectrum characteristic



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17卷s期(2005 / 04 / 01)

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33 - 36

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Chinese Abstract

通过实验详细测量了水温、工作电流对二极管激光器发射波长的影响;采用光线追踪法模拟计算出在不同泵浦参数下半导体泵浦光在Nd : YAG棒内的分布情况,得到了圆周上泵浦模块的个数,泵浦光发散角等因素对泵浦光分布均匀性的影响。采用直接泵浦方式,分别设计了二种不同功率水平的半导体泵浦的Nd : YAG固体激光器聚光腔,得到了170和800W的输出功率,并对激光器的输出特性进行详细测量,最大光一光转换效率达37%,电-光转换效率约为16%。

English Abstract

The shift coefficients of the central wavelength of diode laser under different cooling water temperature and operating current were measured. The gain distrubution in the Nd: YAG rod was theoretically studied using ray tracing program. Without the help of collimating lens, two kinds of diode-side-pumped modules were designed with different output power levels of 170 W and 800 W. The maximum optical to optical conversion efficiency is 37%.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 物理