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Study on High Average Power Diode Laser Used in Pumping


武德勇(De-Yong Wu);吕文强(Wen-Qiang Lü);魏彬(Bing Wei);高松信(Song-Xin Gao);李奇峰(Qi-Feng Li);蔡震(Zhen Cai);唐淳(Chun Tang)

Key Words

二极管激光器 ; 叠阵 ; 占空比 ; Diode laser ; Stack arrays ; Duty cycle



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17卷s期(2005 / 04 / 01)

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56 - 58

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Chinese Abstract

针对高平均功率线阵二极管激光器(DL)芯片的工作要求,开展了相应的封装结构设计和高效冷却技术研究。封装的单条线阵DL连续输出激光功率50W,工作寿命达到5 000h, 10%占空比准连续输出激光脉冲功率150W,25%占空比准连续输出激光脉冲功率100W,工作寿命达到5×10^9次脉冲。采用模块式封装方式由25个模块堆叠,制作出了连续激光功率1 kW和20%占空比工作脉冲功率2.5 kW的叠阵二极管激光器。

English Abstract

The package structure and high efficiency cooling technique have been studied for high average power diode laser. The laser power of single CW DL bar reach 50 W, the life time reached 5 000 h, and the power of QCW DL bar reached 150 W at 10% duty cycle, 100W at 25% duty cycle, the life time reached 5×10^9 pulse. The 25 bar stack DL arrays were made with module structure, it's laser power reached CW 1 kW and QCW 2.5 kW at 20% duty cycle.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 物理