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Study on Blazed Grating Array for Beam Shaping of Laser Diode Array


郑春艳(Chun-Yan Zheng);郑国兴(Guo-Xing Zheng);周崇喜(Chong-Xi Zhou);杜春雷(Chun-Lei Du)

Key Words

激光技术 ; 光束整形 ; 闪耀光栅 ; 半导体激光器列阵 ; 衍射光学器件 ; 光纤耦合 ; Laser technique ; Beam shaping ; Blazed grating ; Laser diode array ; Diffractive optical elements ; Fiber coupling



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17卷s期(2005 / 04 / 01)

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62 - 66

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Chinese Abstract

介绍了半导体激光器列阵的光束整形理论,设计并制作了由两个闪耀光栅阵列构成的整形光学系统,理论计算表明该系统能将激光器快、慢轴方向的光参数积变为5.7 mm•mrad和8.9 mm•mrad。在整形实验中测得变换后快、慢轴方向的光参数积分别为12 mm•mrad和9.5mm•mrad,经透镜聚焦后能够实现与芯径200μm,数值孔径0.22的光纤耦合。

English Abstract

The theory of beam shaping of laser diode array (LDA) is described and a beam-shaping system composed of two blazed grating arrays is presented. The system can theoretically transform the beam parameter product (BPP) of LDA into 5.7 mm•mrad in the fast axis and 8.9 mm•mrad in the slow axis. Experimental results indicate the BPP of the fast axis can be transformed into 12 mm•mrad and 9. 5 mm•mrad for the slow axis after beam shaping. The beams can be coupled into the fiber of 200 μm diameter and numerical aperture of 0.22 after focused.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 物理