120W的二极管泵浦Nd: YAG绿光激光器

Translated Titles

120 W diode-pumped Green Nd: YAG Laser


姜东升(Dong-Sheng Jiang);赵鸿(Hong Zhao);王建军(Jian-Jun Wang);苑利刚(Li-Gang Yuan);杨涛(Tao Yang);周寿桓(Shou-Huan Zhou)

Key Words

二极管泵浦 ; 折叠腔 ; 声光调Q ; 腔内倍频 ; Diode-pumped ; Folded resonator ; A-O Q-switch ; Intracavity-frequency-doubling



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17卷s期(2005 / 04 / 01)

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7 - 10

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Chinese Abstract

对激光二极管泵浦的Nd: YAG声光调Q腔内倍频固体激光器的折叠腔型进行了研究,当泵浦功率达800W时,在V型腔上实现了脉宽为80 ns、重复频率为10 kHz、发散角为6 mrad、绿光功率为112W的输出;在Z型腔上实现了脉宽为95 ns、重复频率为10kHz、发散角为4mrad、绿光功率为120W的输出。比较两种腔型的实验结果可看出,Z型腔由于插入的光学元件较多,腔长较长,输出激光的脉宽较宽,但输出激光的光束质量有明显的提高。

English Abstract

An LD side-pumped A-O Q-switched intracavity frequency doubled Nd: YAG laser was studied. A folded resonator with a single pump head was experimentally studied and theoretically analyzed. Under the condition of a total pump power of 800 W and a repetition rate of 10 kHz, a beam with a green output power of 112 W, a pulse width of 80 ns and a divergence angle of 6 mrad was achieved when V-shaped resonator was employed. When Z-shaped resonator was employed, a beam with output power of 120 W, pulse width of 95 ns and divergence angle of 4 mrad was obtianed.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 物理