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Fatigue Reliability Life Estimation of Welded Steel Pipe for west-east Gas Pipeline


赵新伟(Xin-Wei Zhao);韩晓毅(Xiao-Yi Han);罗金恒(Jin-Heng Luo);李鹤林;杨龙

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西气东输 ; X70焊接钢管 ; 可靠性 ; 疲劳寿命 ; west-east gas pipeline ; welded X70 steel pipe ; reliability ; fatigue life



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33卷3期(2005 / 03 / 01)

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10 - 13

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Chinese Abstract

通过疲劳试验,建立了西气东输用X70焊管焊接接头材料在0.5、0.999、0.999 9和0.999 99等4种可靠度下的疲劳寿命曲线,即P-S-N曲线;根据西气东输管道输气量不均匀系数,建立了X70焊接钢管所承受的载荷谱;基于焊接接头材料可靠性疲劳寿命P-S-N曲线和管道载荷谱,采用Miner累积损伤准则,估算了X70焊管的疲劳可靠性寿命。在0.999、0.999 9和0.999 99等3种目标可靠度下,西气东输用X70焊管的疲劳寿命均超过30a,在管道设计寿命内X70焊管不会发生疲劳破坏。

English Abstract

The fatigue life curves of weld joint material of welded X70 steel pipe, the P-S-N curves, have been drawn under such four kinds of reliabilities as 0.5, 0.999, 0.999 9 and 0.999 99 through fatigue test. Load spectrum for welded X70 steel pipe is established based on the non-uniformity coefficient of gas volume delivered by the west-east gas pipeline. According to the P-S-N curves and the load spectrum, the fatigue reliability life of welded X70 steel pipe is estimated with Miner's fatigue cumulative damage rule. The fatigue life of the welded X70 steel pipe for the west-east gas pipeline will exceed 30 years under the given reliabilities of 0.999, 0.999 9 and 0.999 99. Fatigue failure of the welded X70 pipe may not occur within the design life of the pipeline.

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