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The Application of Fuzzy Recognition on Analyzing the Work State of Noncontacting Mechanical Seal


王和顺(He-Shun Wang);陈次昌(Ci-Chang Chen);黄泽沛(Ze-Pei Huang);王新霖

Key Words

机械密封 ; 非接触 ; 模糊识别 ; 工作状态 ; mechanical seal ; noncontacting ; fuzzy recognition ; work state



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33卷3期(2005 / 03 / 01)

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14 - 16

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The method of analyzing the work state of noncontacting mechanical seal based on fuzzy recognition is proposed in this article. The necessity and feasibility of this method are demonstrated, and then an analysis of the method is made. By adopting the leakage, face temperature, face clearance and corresponding variable rate as parameters, the work state of the mechanical seal is analyzed, and a reasonable description of the sealing state is given. The characteristics of this method lie in: (1) evaluating comprehensively the work state of the noncontacting mechanical seal; (2) predicting reasonably the possible variation tendency of the work state of the sealing mechanism; (3) describing precisely the work state of the sealing mechanism.

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