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Design of DSP Based Coliolis Force Mass Flow Meter


段凤秋(Feng-Qiu Duan);张徐文(Xu-Wen Zhang)

Key Words

科里奥利力 ; 数字信号处理器 ; 质量流量计 ; Coliolis force ; digital signal processor ; mass meter



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33卷3期(2005 / 03 / 01)

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28 - 30

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Digital signal processor (DSP) based Coliolis force mass flow meter is developed according to the Coliolis force theory, which can be used to measure the density, temperature, instantaneous mass flow and instantaneous volume flow rate of the fluid. The meter adopts autocorrelation and cross correlation calculation method to work out the period and phase difference of the signals processed by the digital filter. It has good antijamming capability and high accuracy of measurement. Real time signal process is ensured since the digital signal processor is used. This mass meter is proved reliable and stable and efficient.

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