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Development of a Hydraulic Cyclic layer-shifting Switch


赵增顺(Zeng-Shun Zhao);谷开昭(Kai-Zhao Gu);古光明(Guang-Ming Gu);柴国兴

Key Words

不动管柱 ; 分层卡堵水 ; 液压控制 ; 换层开关 ; 研制 ; one trip ; zonal water shutoff ; hydraulic control ; layer-shifting switch



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33卷3期(2005 / 03 / 01)

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31 - 33

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The selective zonal withdrawal technology is used in Shengli Oilfield since the water cut of the oilfield is becoming higher and higher. The hydraulic cyclic layer-shifting switch is the key technique of this production technology. The design feature, technical characteristics and field application of this new down hole switch are introduced. Used with packers, the switch can control the opening and closing of every production zone conveniently. Therefore the utilization of the switch improves the efficiency of zonal production, and simplifies the zonal water detection and oil production procedures. Field use shows this down hole switch has reliable performance.

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工程學 > 礦冶與冶金工程