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Surface-to-surface Contact Analysis of Sliding Bearing for Roller Bit with Carburized Layer and Copper Alloy Strips


伍开松(Kai-Song Wu);马德坤(De-Kun Ma)

Key Words

牙轮钻头 ; 滑动轴承 ; 渗碳层 ; 铜合金 ; 接触 ; ANSYS ; roller bit sliding bearing ; carburized layer ; copper alloy ; contact ; ANSYS



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33卷3期(2005 / 03 / 01)

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7 - 9

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This article applies ANSYS Parametric Design Language(APDL)to study the influence of carburized layer and copper alloy strips on strength of Slide Bearing for Roller Bit(SBFRB). 3-D models for SBFRB are established. Meshing technology of ANSYS is used to mesh the bit body, the carburized layers on SBFRB and copper alloy strips distributed in cone layer, and the attributes of the three elements are defined. Finally by applying the boundary constraints and solving the problem, the results show that concentration of contact stress and Mises stress is located near bonding areas between the carburized layer and copper alloy strips. The phenomena are coincident with failed SBFRB on the spot and prove that the computed results are reliable and correct.

Topic Category 工程學 > 機械工程
工程學 > 礦冶與冶金工程