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An Experimental Study of the Parametric Optimization of the hydro-pulse Cavitation Jet Generator


马东军(Dong-Jun Ma);李根生(Gen-Sheng Li);史怀忠(Huai-Zhong Shi);牛继磊;黄中伟;付加胜

Key Words

水力脉冲 ; 空化射流发生器 ; 参数优化 ; 压力波动 ; hydro-pulse ; cavitation jet generator ; parametric optimization ; pressure fluctuation



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37卷12期(2009 / 12 / 10)

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9 - 11

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To optimize the parameters of the hydro-pulse cavitation jet generator, a laboratory experiment was conducted by adopting the designed simulation test tools and the corresponding test stand. The research focuses on the effect of the number of the impeller blades and displacement on the pressure fluctuation. The experimental results show that, with the increase of displacement, the pressure fluctuation amplitude of the fluid flowing through the hydro-pulse cavitation jet generator will increase. Under the experimental conditions, when the displacement is 13.67 L/s, adoption of the three-blade impeller will produce a noticeable pulse effect, with the pressure fluctuation amplitude being 1.1 MPa.

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