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On the Modification and Disappearance of the Entering Tone in HeBingZiXuePianYunBianLan in the Middle Ancient Times


周赛华(Sai-Hua Zhou)

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入声 ; 合并字学篇韵便览 ; 归属 ; 消失 ; entering tone ; HeBingZiXuePianYunBianLan ; adscription ; disappear



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32卷3期(2005 / 05 / 22)

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346 - 349

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The paper studies a final settling place of entering tone from medieval times in HeBingZiXuePianYunBianLan and analyzes its exterminating state. There are various of standpoints of entering tone. Some think it as extermination. Some have opposite opinions. There are the most different ideas on slight entering tone. Some think it as reading pronunciation. Some believe that it should be divided into two parts, one of which is oral pronunciation which is lost, the other is literary one which is on its own tone. The scholar has a few flaws to full data with studying only in light of DengYunTuJing or of one kind of entering tone. After fully probing into the ordinary entering tone in HeBingZiXuePianYunBianLan as a whole and finding a lot of interior evidence from it, such as complication of rhyme with vowel ending and entering tone, words from entering tone can use as the second word of Fanqie to words from rhyme with vowel ending, the paper points out words from entering tone might really disappear.

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