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Study of Different Replanting Patterns to Renovate Sloping Tea Garden on Effect of Soil and Water Conservation


李品武(Pin-Wu Li);彭萍(Ping Peng);侯渝嘉(Yu-Jia Hou);徐泽(Ze Xu)

Key Words

改植模式 ; 坡地茶园 ; 水土保持 ; replanting patterns ; sloping tea garden ; soil and water conservation



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19卷1期(2006 / 02 / 28)

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120 - 122

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The studies on adapting 'keeps the stakes to protect the ridge' to replant the old sloping tea garden were carried out, and controlling surface runoff to reduce the new tea garden soil erosion was discussed. The results showed that the soil erosion quantities of different replanting patterns tea garden differences reached to the limit significant level. The soil erosion quantity of the conventional replanting pattern new tea garden was 22.678t/km^2•a. Compared with it, the 'keeps the stakes to protect the ridge' pattern's soil erosion quantity was reduced by 46.67%. It not only reduced the production cost of the new tea garden to build ridges to retain the soil, but also can utilize the old tea stakes biomass output to maintain the new tea garden development.

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