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Analysis and design of infrared optical system in despun device


高明;西安工业大学光电工程学院;高明;刘彦清;吕宏;倪晋平;西安工业大学光电工程学院,陕西 西安,710021

Key Words

消旋检测 ; 制冷型 ; 消热差 ; 衍射元件 ; 红外技术及应用 ; eliminating image rotation ; cooled thermal imaging ; athermalization design ; diffractive optical elements



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44卷3期(2014 / 05 / 06)

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254 - 257

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A long-wave infrared optical system to detect the refrigeration type CCD for airborne despun device was de-signed.The re-imaging configuration was used to meet cold shield efficiency requirement,and optical passive ather-malization principle was applied to achieve athermalization compensation with a wide range of temperature.The aberra-tions are corrected by the aspherical-diffraction element,and the effect of diffraction element shape error on the optical system is discussed.The design results show that this system has compact structure and light weight.It realizes the athermalization compensation in the temperature range of -40~60℃.100%cold aperture efficiency and the control-ling cold reflection are also achieved.

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